Industrial Label Printers

Robust printers for harsh industrial environments and high-volume label printing. All GoDEX industrial printer ranges feature full metal frames and printhead mechanisms designed to withstand the rigours of long label and tag print runs in demanding environments. ZX and HD series printers are supported by a 5 year warranty whilst EZ series printers come with a 3 year warranty.

The ZX series includes 4" wide printers with 200, 300 and 600dpi resolution with print speeds up to 14"/sec (356mm/sec). The ZX1000i and ZX1000xi series have advanced colour touch screens making them ideal for stand-alone printing without a permanent connection to a PC. The ZX1600i with 600dpi resolution is ideally suited for printing fine detail labels with high precision.

The EZ series includes low-cost industrial 4" and 6" wide models. The EZ6250i and EZ6350i are ideal for printing A5 pallet labels at 200 or 300 dpi resolution.

For printing wide format labels up to 8" wide, the HD800i series can be used either with labels on a roll or individual cut sheets.

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GoDEX Industrial Label Printers

GoDEX ZX-1300i industrial label printer

Built to last

GoDex industrial label printers all feature full metal cases and robust metal printhead mechanisms to endure the rigours of harsh industrial environments and high throughput printing. ZX and EZ Series printers accept high-capacity 200mm diameter label rolls and 450m long ribbons for uninterrupted long print runs.

Technical support

Martek offers more than printers. Advice is provided to choose the right printer for your application as well as the right consumables and software. Experienced engineers provide technical support, service and repairs both on-site and in our workshops. Martek produces labels in-house for quick delivery and stocks a wide range of thermal transfer ribbons.

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