Label Printing and Management Software

Martek offers a choice of label printing and management software options to get the best out of your label printers.

All GoDEX printers come with free GoLabel software supporting all common 1D and 2D code formats, complex field handling and simple database integration. GoLabel can also be used to load label designs, and data into GoDEX printers that support stand-alone operation. Once the data has been uploaded, the PC can be removed allowing operation via touch screen, keypad and an external keyboard depending on the model.

For simple label printing requirements, the free GoAPP Android and iOS app can be used to select label designs, enter variable data and print labels as well as managing printer settings.

Advanced print management facilities and automated label printing applications can be developed using the NiceLabel software range. Convenient, operator-friendly user-interfaces can be built using NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop to make it easy for operators to quickly and securely print labels in a managed environment with full audit trail facilities. Automatic label printing can be initiated from trigger files, external interfaces, email and database monitoring. Martek provides a full solution development service as well as training to enable customers to build and manage their own solutions.

Godex label software

building the right solution

By understanding your printing and integration requirements and the capabilites of GoDEX and NiceLabel software packages, we are able to offer solutions specifically chosen and configured to meet the needs of your business. In many cases the free GoLabel and GoAPP packages meet all of the requirements and, for more advanced and integrated applications, the NiceLabel range offers powerful automation and print management solutions.

NiceLabel software provides the option to integrate all of your label printing requirements in the same managed and controlled environment. Desktop label printers, office printers, print-and-apply labellers, inline coders and any other print systems can be driven by NiceLabel taking advantage of the management and automation features offerd by NiceLabel.

GoDEX GoLabel software free

Free with every GoDEX printer

Design and print labels including all common 1D and 2D code formats, database integration and complex field handling.

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NiceLabel software

Label management and control

Advanced range of label design and print management software including automated label printing and graphical operator interface design.

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GoAPP GoDEX label printing

Print labels from your phone

Select labels for printing, enter variable data, print labels and manage printer settings from your phone or tablet.

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